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Online Keno

Keno is an exciting game that is quite similar to playing a lottery. In fact, lottery games actually got their start from Keno, which originated in China and was brought to the US in the late 1800s.

In a land-based casino, a player fills out a Keno Ticket and gives it to a "runner", who turns in the ticket and bet for the player. At an online casino, the player will simply press the appropriate buttons to choose their numbers and bet type.

Please note that not all land-based casinos and online casinos offer the same payout structure, therefore the winning requirements and payouts mentioned below may not be accurate for all casinos. Also note that not all casinos offer the full range of Keno betting tickets described below.

The idea is to select up to 20 numbers from a ticket or screen, numbered 1 through 80. If your numbers hit - you win. Payouts depend on the type of ticket, amount of numbers played, and the keno payout structure implemented by the casino.

The Online Keno Board consists of 10 columns and 8 rows of 80 numbers, as shown in the diagram below.


In a land-based casino, a Keno Ticket is used to place bets, and looks basically the same as the Keno Board, allowing players to choose their numbers and bet type. In an online casino, the player will select the numbers directly on the screen. The player may choose usually anywhere from 2 to 20 numbers, with several betting types or ticket types available. Different casinos may vary on the minimum amount of numbers to be selected, but most commonly the minimum is 2.

There are several kinds of bets or tickets to choose from in Keno, each offering different payouts and requiring a certain amount of numbers to be chosen and/or hit in order to win. The common rules is that you must hit at least half of the amount of numbers chosen to win. If the amount is even, at least half must hit - if the amount is odd, half plus one must hit. (example: 5 out of 10, or 6 out of 11)

Straight Ticket: This kind of ticket allows the player to pick anywhere from usually 2 to 15 numbers (actual minimum and maximum numbers may vary by casino) and place a single wager on all chosen numbers. The more numbers a player hits, the higher the payout will be. If a player selects only 2 numbers, they must both hit in order to win - select 3 numbers and the player wins a smaller amount.

20 Spot Ticket: This ticket is played in the same manner as a Straight Ticket except that the player must select exactly 20 numbers. The payout for hitting 15+ numbers is immense, but the odds are lower.

Top/Bottom Ticket or Left/Right: This type of ticket allows the player to bet on either the top or bottom, or left or right, half of the Keno Board. If eleven of the chosen numbers hit, the payout is generally 2 to 1, increasing when more than 11 numbers are hit. Some casinos will payout for less than 8 numbers hitting as well.

Way Ticket/Split Ticket: This ticket allows players to place two Straight Ticket wagers on a single ticket. For instance, a player may select 10 numbers, then circle each group of 5 numbers. The same number can be used to two separate groupings as well.

Multi-Game Ticket: This ticket allows players to use the same ticket for multiple, successive draws of Keno games, usually anywhere from 2 to 2,000 games. The same numbers will be chosen and same bet amount placed for each drawing.

Combo Ticket: Like the Way Ticket or Split Ticket, this ticket allows players to select 3 combinations of numbers in a single ticket, then plays them in 6 combinations. This is one of the most preferred tickets for experienced Keno players, while novice players tend to see them as too complicated. See example below.

The player chooses:
Way 1: 5-19-32
Way 2: 12-24-36-48
Way 3: 1-9-35-67
The ticket plays as:
Way 1, Way 2, Way 3 and...
Way 1+2 (5-12-19-24-32-36-48)
Way 1+3 (1-5-9-19-32-35-67)
Way 2+3 (1-9-12-24-35-36-48-67)

King Ticket: This ticket is exactly like a Combo Ticket, however one of the Ways will be a single number. This single number is combined with each Way combination.

Quick Pick: A player may choose the type of ticket and amount of numbers they wish to pick, then let the computer select the numbers for them.


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