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Online Blackjack

BlackJack is a relatively easy game to learn the rules with one simple concept - get the closest hand to 21 without going over. The game of BlackJack is played between two people, player versus dealer. In a land-based casino, there may be more than one "player" at the table, but all are competing solely against the "dealer".

Card Values:
Ace = 1 or 11
10 and Face Cards = 10
2 through 9 = their equivalent number value

The Deal:
Both player and dealer are dealt 2 cards in a clockwise fashion. The player's cards are dealt face up, while the dealer's first card is face down, second card face up.

A player has "BlackJack" if his first two cards equal 21. This is done by being dealt an Ace (11) and a 10 or Face Card. If 21 is reached with more than 2 cards, it is only "21", not "Black Jack".

Once the cards are dealt, the player will have several options. These options vary by casino, so you may not find all of them during play.

Blackjack Terms
HIT: To take another card.

STAND: To keep the cards you have, taking no more cards.

SPLIT: If a player is originally dealt 2 matching cards, they may Split them into two hands. This requires a bet placed on the second hand that is equal to the first bet. The player will have another card dealt on top of each of the split cards, creating two separate hands. Gameplay continues as normal, playing one hand first, then the other. (Note that not all casinos will allow a player to Split Aces. Some casinos may not allow more than one Split per hand either.)

DOUBLE: When a player Doubles, they are choosing to take a single extra card, placing a second wager equal to that of the first on the outcome of the hand. This may only be done if the player has not already chosen to Hit. (Note that some casinos only allow Doubling on an original hand of 9, 10 or 11).

SURRENDER: If a player feels he has no chance of winning judging by his original hand versus the dealer's face up card, he may choose to Surrender, loosing only half of his bet. (Note: Not all casinos allow player's to Surrender. Some casinos will remove the Surrender option after certain events have taken place, such as a Split.)

BUST: When a player's hand is higher than 21, it is called a Bust. This means the player has automatically lost the hand.

INSURANCE: A player may be asked to buy Insurance if the dealer's face up card is an Ace, meaning he may have Black Jack. An Insurance bet is half that of the original wager. If the player buys Insurance and the dealer does have Black Jack, the player wins the Insurance bet, but loses his original wager. If the Dealer does not have Black Jack, the Insurance bet is lost and play continues as normal.

The Payout structure is generally the same for all Black Jack Tables.

WIN: 1:1

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